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Can equipment be added to an ongoing contract?


This option is already available for two of the Exclusive Capital leasing formats – the Open Account and the Budget Account.

Your new IT orders are automatically incorporated into the original contract.

For the other Exclusive Capital leasing formats, the Solo Contract and the Deployment Contract, you can add equipment by way of an amendment (with a minimum order of €1,500 excl. VAT).
The efficiency of our leasing solutions means you can incorporate all of your orders, planned or otherwise, and whatever their size, into one comprehensive contract.

You are free from the administrative constraints of acquisition:
  • one single method of acquisition
  • administrative processing of orders is simplified since invoices are grouped together into a single Exclusive Capital contract
  • Exclusive Capital has developed an innovative extranet tool for you to file and store your quotes in your dedicated Customer Area. Processing and management of your invoices are therefore optimised for fast leasing and more efficient monitoring of your acquisitions.